Unusual First Dance Songs

While the first dance at a wedding reception is typically a romantic waltz, many modern couples are opting for something a little more upbeat. Some are even going so far as to have a dance choreographed for them that is anything but traditional. If you are considering something a little different for your first dance song the following ones are definitely worth considering (see more wedding ideas):

Wonderwall by Oasis play – According to Noel Gallagher who wrote this song that Oasis made a hit, the song is about an imaginary friend who will save you from yourself. For a newly married couple this could represent them finding each other and feeling that they were meant to be together. Sometimes meeting ‘the one’ is like being saved from oneself.

I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash play – Though this is a country song it is an upbeat melody and the words are perfect for a newly married couple. Johnny Cash wrote this song soon after he married and in his words it was a way of ‘laying out my pledge of devotion’. This is an old song but as many know old songs are often the best songs, and if planning a vintage, retro or country-style wedding this song will be great to dance your first dance to.

Heroes by David Bowie play – This is a big step back into the past but one worth taking. In this powerful song David Bowie sings of how falling in love can make a couple feel like heroes, a King with his Queen. Depending on the ages of your guests chances are many of them will be singing along because they simply cannot help themselves.

Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding play – For those who have seen the steamy “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie this song will be instantly recognized. It may be a somewhat unusual choice as a first dance song but the words are beautiful and there are strong elements of both desire and romance that are undeniable.

Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler play – This is a really fun song to play as a first dance tune and when you stop and listen to the words you can’t help but laugh. For the newly married couple with a great sense of humor this is both cute and endearing. The track was originally from “The Wedding Singer” so you can’t get much more apt than that.

You Make Loving Fun by Fleetwood Mac play – This is an upbeat song that has some great lyrics suitable for a newly married couple. Beginning with “Sweet, wonderful you/You make me happy with the things you do” it only gets better and better as the song progresses. This is the sort of track that causes people to tap their toes to the music without knowing they are even doing it.

Crazy Love by Michael Buble play – Michael has a romantically smooth, soothing voice that makes this the perfect choice for a first dance song. It is slow enough that you can dance close together but not so slow that you can’t be a little more creative with your dance steps. The lyrics describe accurately how two people feel about each other.

Have a Little Faith in Me by Jon Bon Jovi and Lea Michele play – This song epitomizes what love and marriage is all about – standing by each other through thick and thin, trusting each other, believing in each other. The words to this sweet song are incredibly beautiful and poignant, and the beat is great for dancing your first dance to.

Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran play – Romantic, tugging at the heartstrings, the words of this beautiful slow beat song will touch everyone who hears it. It describes how it feels to fall in love with ‘the one’ and know that your life is now complete. Ed Sheeran has an incredibly sultry, hypnotizing voice and this song is definitely one of his best.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen play – If you really want to go for a song that is very upbeat and fun then this is it! What makes it even more fun is that lots of your guests will know the song and can sing along with it. You can get incredibly creative with your dance steps with this one.