About CRBS

The Central Registered Body in Scotland manages the essential service of providing free disclosure records, guidance, advice and support to voluntary sector organisations working with children, young people and protected adults.

CRBS is responsible for:

  • Acting as the umbrella body for the voluntary sector
  • Determing if organisations are eligible to access Standard or Enhanced disclosure records
  • Determing if organisations are eligible to access Scheme Records and Scheme Record Updates under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scotland Act
  • Assessing and managing disclosure applications submitted by enrolled organisations
  • Facilitating the return of disclosure records from Disclosure Scotland to enrolled organisations
  • Providing advice, guidance and support to enrolled organisations on issues relevant to the disclosure process
  • Ensuring enrolled organisations understand and comply with the Ministerial Code of Practice


Their aim is to increase the numbers and diversity of volunteers by:

  • Driving modernising approaches to volunteering
  • Improving the access to volunteering opportunities
  • Enhancing the volunteering experience
  • Encouraging a balanced and proportionate response to legislation and
  • Influencing policy and decision makers through a robust, evidence based approach

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How to Enrol

Step 1 – Nominate a lead person for your organisation

This person will be responsible for the enrolment process and will be the CRBS key contact.

Step 2 – Complete the enrolment application form

This process must be completed by the lead person either by:

  1. Requesting an enrolment pack to be sent – please click here to complete the enrolment request form, or
  2. Completing the enrolment form through our telephone enrolment service

It would be helpful if you had the following information to hand:

  • Your organisations contact details
  • Details about your organisation – funding and management structure
  • Information about what your organisation does – what is its purpose?
  • Details of the positions that require a disclosure record
  • If you provide services for children or protected adults
  • Your identification details – National Insurance number, passport number, drivers licence and 5 years address history.

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How long does it take to enrol with CRBS?

CRBS will provide each organisation with a quick, simple and efficient service and can complete this process in 21 days, if all information is supplied correctly.

How much does it cost to enrol?

Enrolment is free for voluntary sector organisations.

What is the role of the lead person?

This person will be responsible for the enrolment process and also responsible for ensuring that the organisation complies with the requirements of the Code of Practice.

The lead person should therefore be someone within your organisation who is involved in the recruitment of staff/volunteers, can implement the correct procedures, is in a position to communicate with CRBS when required and can receive regular email updates from CRBS.

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