Trusted Partners

For those lead persons that cannot travel to Stirling, CRBS has developed partnerships with various organisations across Scotland to provide access for visual identification to be completed.

The lead person is required to provide the trusted partner with at least of 3 types of identification.

The trusted partner will then complete the following:

  • make visual identification on behalf of CRBS verifying the person in front of them is the same person that is pictured on the ID documentation
  • photocopy the lead person’s ID documentation
  • sign and date the photocopied documentation

Organisations who act as a trusted partner are not responsible for checking either the validity of documentation or whether the organisation is entitled to enrol with CRBS. Where CRBS requires further clarification regarding the verification of identity of a lead person, further steps will be taken by CRBS to validate the identity of the applicant.

Please click here to view the list of trusted partners.