How To Enrol

Step 1 – Nominate a lead person for your organisation

This person will be responsible for the enrolment process and will be the CRBS key contact.

Step 2 – Complete the enrolment application form

This process must be completed by the lead person either by:

  1. Requesting an enrolment pack to be sent – please click here to complete the enrolment request form, or
  2. Completing the enrolment form through our telephone enrolment service

It would be helpful if you had the following information to hand:

  • Your organisations contact details
  • Details about your organisation – funding and management structure
  • Information about what your organisation does – what is its purpose?
  • Details of the positions that require a disclosure record
  • If you provide services for children or protected adults
  • Your identification details – National Insurance number, passport number, drivers licence and 5 years address history.

Step 3 – Provide policy information

Every organisation enrolled with CRBS must have a secure handling, use and storage of Disclosure information policy. CRBS can provide you with a copy of this policy.

Step 4 – Provide information about your organisation

The following information is required to allow your organisation to become enrolled with CRBS:

  • Organisations structure
  • Funding details
  • Purpose of your organisation
  • The positions within your organisation that will require a dislosure record

Step 5 – Verification of Identity

Every lead person enrolling with CRBS must have their identification verified by a member of CRBS staff.

CRBS recommends for 3 types of identification to be provided by applicants when completing an enrolment form.

Verification of the identity of the lead person can be carried out either by:

  1. Visiting the CRBS offices, or by
  2. Using one of their approved trusted partner organisations – for more information click here

Visit CRBS

Where the lead person is able to travel to Stirling, members of the enrolment & assessment team are available to carry out identification of lead persons.