About Disclosures

What is a disclosure application form?

This is a form that an organisation would complete to request a dislosure certificate for individuals who are working or volunteering within their organisation.

The types of diclosures records available to CRBS enrolled organisations are:

  • Standard Disclosure
  • Enhanced Dsclosure
  • PVG Scheme Record
  • PVG Scheme Record Update

What is a disclosure record?

It is a document that is issued by Disclosure Scotland as a result of an organisation submitting a disclosure application form. This document details the criminal record information that is held by the Police and in some circumstances information held by other Government departments. Disclosure records can be used when assessing someone’s suitability to work or volunteer in an organisation.

If you wish to access a standard, enhanced or PVG disclosure record via CRBS your organisation must be enrolled with them for this purpose.